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C90 N 50neodymium

High Resolution Sound

C90 N 50neodymium

Fal Flat C Full Range Drivers : 

Flat Impedance over full range

Transparency with high velocity.  Three dimensional Position


Features & Specifications

Impedance:4 Ω /8 Ω /16 Ω
Weight:2.2 kg
It is ideal to design a diaphragm contains air most
In the world. To let air be contained more,
The diaphragm has thickness of 4mm and equally contains
air like in a honeycomb structure as employed in an
aircraft. The air contained in the diaphragm functions to cancel consonant peculiar to the material to reproduce music,resulting in overall wellbalanced reproduction free of mannerism.

Magnet circuit structure is also designed with FAL original technology.
Its biggest feature is that the magnet sits at right angle against the diaphragm By the nature magnet circuit structure,voice coil nucleates to allow its movement Vertically but not horizontally. Therefore,impedance characteristics shows flatter Response and result in super balance sound.FAL FLAT Speaker feature powerful
N48(neodymium magnet),


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ロベルト 様(イタリア)
ホームページでしか知らなかったFAL FLATをどうしても聴きたくて去年来日しました。試聴室で実際に聴いてみると・・・