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Supreme C90EXW(Brazilian Rose)

The orchestra comes into view

Supreme C90EX
The FLAT driver is defining the future. If you are looking for a highly accurate soundscape, perfect phase, and unbelievable depth and spaciousness, FAL is your speaker.
A pure three-dimensional sound image is reproduced by a single full-range speaker that reaches down to the ultra-low frequency range.

Theoreticy, flat speaker designs should produce the most realistic sound.
Iwao Furuyama "soundmeister" made his final version of the innovative FLAT engine using a strong magnet circuit instead of a conventional network.
There is no longer any phase lag. In addition, the new flat engine has a incredible sound that you could never get from a conventional cone, horn or condenser speaker.
In other words, only the new FLAT engine can reproduce the depth, feel and texture of each instrument of voice, with well-balanced imaging. You can enjoy dynamic and ultra-natural sound for any genre of music.
Thanks to the systemization of the FLAT engine, energetic pianissimo is also Sensitively reproduced.
The deep dimensional soundscape by the FLAT engine gives you the deep impression that you are sitting in front of actual musicians.
The new, small, FLAT full-range driver unit is a breakthrough in next generation audio speaker systems.

Features & specification

クロスオーバー周波数 / 10kHz
定格入力 / 100W(最大120W)
周波数帯域 / fo25Hz〜23kHz
 Sensibility / 97dB / 1m
インピーダンス / 8Ω、16Ω
推量アンプ出力 / 真空管8W
Size / 1210×341 / 467×338 / 400mm(H×W×D)
Weight 36kg


¥2,008,800(1Pair、Tax Inclusive)
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ロベルト 様(イタリア)
ホームページでしか知らなかったFAL FLATをどうしても聴きたくて去年来日しました。試聴室で実際に聴いてみると・・・