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FAL-S.I.T amplifier(att& 4input)

Fal Original S.I.T. Stereo Power Amplifier

ステレオパワーアンプ S.I.T−7000

"Next generation"
S.I.T stereo power amplifier


Features & Specifications

complete monaural structure, dual power transformer and power capacitors
60W x2 outputs for 8ohm load (A class operation up to 30 watts)
0.003% distortion or below (at 50W/8 ohm)
high performance 23-step attenuator (18kohm input)
3 levels low-boost switch
SP output on/off switch for safety connections work, on power-on state
radiator fins with vibration-free structure
usual 100W power consumption (non signal input)
dimensions 150 H x 440 W x 330 D
light weight body of 13 kg, while for all the luxurious configuration


S.I.T-7000 is a high performance stereo power amplifier using the SIT elements, which have a rumor "good sound by its triode characteristics"
It's true that the in/out characteristics of the SIT and a triode (like 845) are astonishingly resembles, but It is only a rumor! No one knows whether the triode characteristics has anything to do with a good sound. So first, we were much skeptical about it, but once we've tested the SIT element we were amazed by its high potential afresh, and it led us to the development of this amplifier.
One of SIT's amazing point is, that the sound become suddenly clear just by replacing power MOS-FET or bipolar TR to SIT element! Next we found, the small SIT also shows a great performance for voltage amplification, better than a junction FET.
So we decided to built all the main signal pass only by SIT units (except the peripheral part).
Major feature of SIT element may be "difficult to cut off" because of its smooth in/out characteristics, and wider A class operating range compared with the idling current.
The heatsinks will become slightly warm with this SIT, although operating in class A mode up to about 30W. In addition, the crossover distortion, over class A range, is quite small by its high-speed switching characteristic.


We utilize many skeleton (non-coated) resistors and capacitors, unique parts made by our factory. (refer to the photos)
The merit of skeleton parts is sound clarity, not like other's parts coated by epoxy or other plastics. To reduce the turbidity thoroughly, the rind of all electrolytic capacitors are peeled from the body.
The signal in/out are direct gold-plated RCA connectors and SP Terminals.
And for all the wiring, 7nine pure copper with handmade cotton exterior is used.
Next, the sound of an amplifier is greatly affected by its case-material, so we selected a wood board, which has better sound quality than metals, for under and upper panel.

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