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Evolutional achievement after 80 years spent.

I have been engaging in research of Audio technology for over 50 years.

I began to work  with SP records then to monaural and stereo keeping step with the

History of audio industry.


All through my past life, Speaker system hardly made progress in technology.

I was never satisfied with every point in terms of sound quality, sound stage,

Sound presence and others of conventional corn ,horn,and condenser type speakers

Which are still produced by many supplier.

Namely, it is matter of how precisely the phase is established.


20 years ago many manufacturers began designing and producing flat speakers with

an aim to reproduce 3 dimensional sound stage without having phase shift which was

considered to be a future speaker configuration. However, they had no success after all.


A few years prior to above mentioned movement of the industry, I came across with

HEIL Air Motion driver invented by German Dr. Oscar HEIL and produced by US Manufacturer ESS. I was attracted by its structure and mechanical theory sensationally. And hence I began to going deeper in research and developing of my own speaker systems.


The HEIL Driver drives the air by mean of air (Air Motion ) at 5 times faster velocity

than an ordinary tweeter driver, therefore the sound has no sniff of the diaphragm material but absolutely reproduces real sound with transparency.

I made efforts in development of well balanced mid and low frequency range drivers to

make the HEIL driver perform to 100% capacity.


This is the birth of FAL FLAT Speakers, which I should say the ideal wide and full range drivers.

  Furuyama Iwao
representative director Furuyama Iwao


Company Name FAL Co., LTD.
Address 2-23-11, Suda-chou,kanda,Kawa building 1F, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0041,JAPAN
Representative representative director Furuyama Iwao
Foundation 0000,00,00
Capital JPY 00,000,000円
Business manufacture and sales of audio systems
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